Benefit Package




Suggested Price
KDCHMA-001-000 General Description Suggested Price
1 KDCHMA-001-001 Specialist Initial Consultation Capitation
2 KDCHMA-001-002 Specialist Review (Per visit) 500.00
3 KDCHMA-001-003 Nursing Care (per day) Capitation
4 KDCHMA-001-004 Special Nursing Care (e.g. Intensive care, SCBU, Paediatric Emergency etc) 500.00
5 KDCHMA-001-005 Hospital Bed Occupancy Capitation
6 KDHCMA-001-006 ICU Nursing Care/ Day 500.00
7 KDCHMA-002-000 Laboratory Investigations Suggested prices
8 KDCHMA-002-001 Packed Cell Volume (PCV) Capitation
9 KDCHMA-002-002 Haemoglobin (HB) Capitation
10 KDCHMA-002-003 FBC and Differentials 1,000.00
11 KDCHMA-002-004 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) 500.00
12 KDCHMA-002-005 Blood Film For Malarial Parasites (MP) Capitation
13 KDCHMA-002-006 Widal Test Capitation
14 KDCHMA-002-007 Blood Grouping(ABO & Rh) 500.00
15 KDCHMA-002-008 VDRL Capitation
16 KDCHMA-002-009 Urine Microscopy Capitation
17 KDCHMA-002-010 Urinalysis Capitation
18 KDCHMA-002-011 Pregnancy Test (Urine) Capitation
19 KDCHMA-002-012 Stool Analysis ( Only) Capitation
20 KDCHMA-002-013 Blood Sugar( FBS/ RBS) Capitation
21KDCHMA-002-014 HB Genotype 1,000.00
22KDCHMA-002-015 Hepatitis screening (referral center) 1,200.00
23KDCHMA-002-016 MCS (blood, stool, urine, sputum, HVS, Spinal fluid, wound swab, ear swab) 1,000.00
24KDCHMA-002-017 Plateletes 1,500.00
25KDCHMA-002-018 Lipid Profile 1,850.00
26KDCHMA-002-019 Urea and Electrolyte Creatinine 1,500.00
27KDCHMA-003-000 Radiologic Investigations
28KDCHMA-003-001 Obstetric Ultrasound Scan (Max 3) 1,000.00
29KDCHMA-003-002 Electrocardiography (ECG) 2,000.00
30KDCHMA-003-003 Diagnostic x-rays 1,250.00
31KDCHMA-003-004 Diagnostic ultrasound (Non Obstetric) 1,200.00
32KDCHMA-004-000 Maternal Care Suggested Price
32KDCHMA-004-001 Minimum of 8 ANC visits (administer haematenics eg Folic acid and iron) Capitation
33KDCHMA-004-002 Malaria prevention with Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPT):Sulpha-doxine and pyrimethamine Capitation
34KDCHMA-004-003 ITN (insecticide treated net) Subject to availability Capitation
35KDCHMA-004-004 "PMTCT (HIV/AIDS) (Prevention of mother to child transmission)" Capitation
36KDCHMA-004-005 Episiotomy & Repair Capitation
37KDCHMA-004-006 Post-Natal care including mother and baby care from first visit within 48 hours of delivery to second visit 6 weeks postpartum. Capitation
38KDCHMA-004-007 Pap Smear 2,350.00
39KDCHMA-004-008 Hysterectomy 43,500.00
40KDCHMA-004-009 Removal of conception retained products Capitation
41KDCHMA-004-010 Essential New-born care Capitation
42KDCHMA-004-011 "Hyperemesis gravidarum requiring admission beyond 48rs" 13,000.00
43KDCHMA-004-012 Poorly controlled pregnancy-induced hypertension 15,600.00
44KDCHMA-004-013 Caesarean Section with BTL 60,000.00
45KDCHMA-004-014 Caesarean Section with Hysterectomy 70,000.00
46KDCHMA-004-015 Clinically-indicated Elective Caesarean Section 45,800.00
47KDCHMA-004-016 Bilateral Tubal Ligation BTL 16,000.00
48KDCHMA-004-017 Instrument delivery (forceps delivery, vacuum extraction) 17,000.00
49KDCHMA-004-018 Chorio-amnionitis 10,000.00
50KDCHMA-004-019 Multiple pregnancy (high risk delivery) 10,000.00
51KDCHMA-004-020 Placenta Praevia 10,000.00
52KDCHMA-004-021 Intra Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR) 10,000.00
53KDCHMA-004-022 BEmONC functions plus Emergency Caesarean Section 50,000.00
54KDCHMA-004-023 Gestational Diabetes 15,000.00
55KDCHMA-004-024 Post Partum Haemorrhage Treatment 13,000.00
56KDCHMA-004-025 Pre-eclampsia & EcIampsia (including anticonvulsants) 26,000.00
57KDCHMA-004-026 Treatment of puepural sepsis within 42 days of delivery (including IV antibiotics) 22,800.00
58KDCHMA-004-027 Mastitis Treatment 10,000.00
59KDCHMA-004-028 Operative management of ectopic gestation 43,500.00
60KDCHMA-004-029 Manual removal of placenta Capitation
61KDCHMA-004-030 Assisted vaginal delivery 17,000.00
62KDCHMA-004-031 Management of Pelvic Inflamatory Diseases (PID) Capitation
63KDCHMA-005-000 Childhood Illnesess Suggested Price
64KDCHMA-005-001 Zinc/ORS for diarrheal treatment Capitation
65KDCHMA-005-002 Newborn resuscitation (clinic-based deliveries) Capitation
66KDCHMA-005-003 Infection of the umbilical stump and other local Infections Capitation
67KDCHMA-005-004 Kangaroo mother care For premature newborns. Capitation
68KDCHMA-005-005 Promotion of exclusive breastfeeding Capitation
69KDCHMA-005-006 Oral Antibiotics for dysentery Capitation
70KDCHMA-005-007 Diagnosis and treatment with Artemesinin-based Combination Therapy Capitation
71KDCHMA-005-008 Vitamin A for measles treatment (children) Capitation
72KDCHMA-005-009 Prevention and Management of Acute Malnutrition At the facility level to include Growth Monitoring Capitation
73KDCHMA-005-010 Malaria Under five curative illnesses Capitation
74KDCHMA-005-011 Malnutrition supplements (Plumpy nuts) Capitation
75KDCHMA-005-012 Nutritional education including food and hygiene Capitation
76KDCHMA-005-013 Treatment of uncomplicated pneumonia Capitation
77KDCHMA-005-014 Screening for nutrition related problems Capitation
78KDCHMA-005-015 Treatment of severe diarrhoea (children) 12,500.00
79KDCHMA-005-016 Treatment of Severe Pneumonia treatment (children) 14,000.00
80KDCHMA-005-017 Treatment of severe malaria (children 10,000.00
81KDCHMA-005-018 Treatment of severe measles complication 21,000.00
82KDCHMA-005-020 Neonatal Sepsis management 18,350.00
83KDCHMA-005-021 Jaundice treatment (Exchange blood transfusion) 15,000.00
84KDCHMA-005-022 Incubator care/day (Including phototherapy) 1,000.00
85KDCHMA-006-000 Family Planning Suggested Price
86KDCHMA-006-001 Condom Capitation
87KDCHMA-006-002 Injectable Capitation
88KDCHMA-006-003 IUCDs Capitation
89KDCHMA-006-004 Implants Capitation
90KDCHMA-006-005 Counselling Capitation
91KDCHMA-006-006 Pills Combination (Estrogen + Progestagen) Capitation
92KDCHMA-006-007 Progestagen Condoms Male (95%) and Female (5%) Capitation
93KDCHMA-006-008 IUCD Copper-T 380-A IUD (10 years) Implants Capitation
94KDCHMA-007-000 Surgical Procedures Suggested Price
95KDCHMA-007-001 Control of mild hemorrhage Capitation
96KDCHMA-007-002 Wound dressing Capitation
97KDCHMA-007-003 Surgical drainage of simple abscesses Capitation
98KDCHMA-007-004 Debridement of simple wounds Capitation
99KDCHMA-007-005 Evacuation of impacted faeces Capitation
100KDCHMA-007-006 Circumcision for male children 0-1 year Capitation
101KDCHMA-007-007 Catherization for urinary retention Capitation
102KDCHMA-007-008 Circumcision for male children above 1 year 10,000
103KDCHMA-007-009 Management of simple fractures (Adult and children including open reduction and internal fixation 35,000.00
104KDCHMA-007-010 Control of haemorrhage (Moderate and severe) 10,000.00
105KDCHMA-007-011 suprapubic cystotomy 8,000.00
105KDCHMA-007-012 Appendicectomy 20,000.00
106KDCHMA-007-013 Hydrocoelectomy 20,000.00
107KDCHMA-007-014 Herniorrhphy 20,000.00
108KDCHMA-007-015 Prostatectomy 30,000.00
109KDCHMA-007-016 Laparatomy 30,000.00
110KDCHMA-008-000 Immunizations Suggested Price
112KDCHMA-008-001 BCG 1 dose Capitation
113KDCHMA-008-002 Pneumococcal 3 doses Capitation
114KDCHMA-008-003 Polio 3 doses Capitation
115KDCHMA-008-004 Penta 3 doses Capitation
116KDCHMA-008-005 Rota 2 doses Capitation
117KDCHMA-008-006 IPV Capitation
118KDCHMA-008-007 Yellow Fever Capitation
119KDCHMA-008-008 Meningitis vaccine Capitation
120KDCHMA-008-009 Vitamine A 2 doses Capitation
121KDCHMA-008-010 Measles 2 doses Capitation
122KDCHMA-009-000 Internal Medicine Capitation
123KDCHMA-009-001 Hypertension Primary Care Blood Pressure Monitoring Capitation
124KDCHMA-009-002 Health Education and promotion for preventing Hypertension Capitation
125KDCHMA-009-003 Counselling people with high blood pressure Capitation
126KDCHMA-009-004 Treatment of diabetes with only first line drugs: Glucophage (Metformin), Glibenclamide (Daonil) Capitation
127KDCHMA-009-005 Treatment of hypertension with only first line drugs ACE inhibitors (Lisinopril) diuretics (Moduretics), Ca-channel blockers (Amlodipine) Capitation
128KDCHMA-009-006 Treatment of uncomplicated arthritis with NSAIDs Capitation
129KDCHMA-009-007 Routine management of sickle-cell disease Capitation
130KDCHMA-009-008 Meningitis treatment 15,000.00
131KDCHMA-009-009 Complicated pneumonia 16,125.00
132KDCHMA-009-010 Managemen of complicated Diabetes Mellitus 18,000.00
133KDCHMA-009-011 Management of complicated HTN 12,000.00
134KDCHMA-009-012 General outpatient consultation Capitation
135KDCHMA-009-013 Follow up consultation Capitation
136KDCHMA-009-014 Mild Anaemia (Not requiring blood transfusion) Capitation
137KDCHMA-009-015 Simple skin disease e.g Taenia versicolor, M. furfur, T. Capitis and other uncomplicated bacteria, fungal, parasitic and viral infection illnesses Capitation
138KDCHMA-009-016 Worm infestation Capitation
139KDCHMA-009-017 Diagnosis and treatment of malaria with Artemesinin-based combination drugs (ACTs) Capitation
140KDCHMA-009-018 Management of complicated Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD) 15,000.00
141KDCHMA-009-019 Management of uncomplicated Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD) Capitation
141KDCHMA-009-020 Urinary track infection Capitation
142KDCHMA-009-021 Enteritis and typhoid fever Capitation
143KDCHMA-009-022 URTI Including ear, nose and throat infections Capitation
144KDCHMA-009-023 Diarrheao disaeses Capitation
145KDCHMA-009-024 Oxygen administration/Hour 500.00
146KDCHMA-009-025 Uncomplicated pneumonia Capitation
147KDHCMA-010-000 Opthalmic Conditions Suggested Price
148KDCHMA-010-001 Conjunctivitis Capitation
149KDHCMA-010-001 General eye examination Capitation
150KDCHMA-010-002 Foreign body removal from Eyes Capitation
151KDHCMA-010-002 Cataract extraction (Bilateral) 30,000.00
152KDCHMA-010-003 Management of Keratomalacia 2,000.00
153KDHCMA-010-003 Low priced spectacles - frame and lens (1 in not less than 2 years) 10,000.00
154KDCHMA-011-000 ENT Services
155KDCHMA-011-001 Ear Syringing per ear 1,000.00
156KDCHMA-011-002 Foreign body removal from Ear, Nose or Throat 3,000.00
157KDCHMA-012-000 Behavioral Health Services
158KDCHMA-012-001 Mental health education and counselling Capitation
159KDCHMA-012-002 Drugs abuse identification and referral Capitation
160KDCHMA-012-003 Insomnia Capitation
161KDCHMA-012-004 Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment 4,000.00
162KDCHMA-012-005 Psychometric Assessment, Scoring & Interpretation 4,000.00
163KDCHMA-013-000 Dental Services Suggested Price
164KDCHMA-013-001 X-Ray -Periapical 1,000.00
165KDCHMA-013-002 X-Ray - -Bitewings 1,500.00
167KDCHMA-013-003 X-Ray- -Panoramic View 2,000.00
168KDCHMA-013-004 Scaling & Polishing - heavy (therapeutic) 1,000.00
169KDCHMA-013-005 Scaling & Polishing - light (therapeutic) 1,500.00
170KDCHMA-014-000 Emergency Services Suggested Price
171KDCHMA-014-001 Observation in an emergency room or observation room/area for maximum of 48hrs Capitation
172KDCHMA-014-002 Scorpion bite Capitation
173KDCHMA-014-003 Snakebite (First aid before referral) Capitation
What is covered in the package ...

We are committed to providing affordable healthcare to the people of Kaduna State.

What's in the

Over 16,000 pensioners are to be enrolled into the Kaduna State Contributory Health Scheme.

~ Mal. Abubakar Hassan, DG KADCHMA


Our price is affordable, a token contribution periodically.

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